About us

Our company, with more than half a century of experience, privately owned by Mr. Mehdigholi Norouzi, started its work many years ago in 1987 under the name of Donyaye Mod Institute. 
With his strength and efforts, this institution was active as a leading group in the field of production and distribution of children's clothing in the Iranian market. The distribution of children's goods, including Iranian clothing, children's necessities from birth to 15-year-old and adolescent clothing, was part of the product group of this collection, and more than 500 sales and active agents cooperated with us throughout Iran. 
Years later, along with the changing tastes of the society and the advancement of technology and diversity in the color and design of the goods of this guild, the field of import and distribution of foreign products in a younger and more creative group called Norouzi Trading Group that with the financial, intellectual and support of Mr. Mehdigholi Norouzi Let begin. 
In order to be recognized by the government and international markets, this institution was placed under the company to continue its work as a leader and proudly in the global and domestic markets.

Norouzi Trading Group
Subsidiary of the company "Karafarinan Pishtaz Oshtobin" with half a century of brilliant and successful history in the produce, import, export and distribution of products and needs related to babies, children and teenagers from a privileged position among the economic actors is in this field in the domestic and foreign markets.
Our mission
is to provide an intelligent and creative selection and wide offering of stylish and quality children's goods at affordable prices, focusing on products with distinctive performance and design that implement the latest fashion trends.
In terms of design, our collections are made in collaboration with Western European studios.
We offer a wide range of baby products covering all baby needs - from large and small products to textile accessories - bedroom sets, memory foam products, folding mattresses, blankets, towels, Plush toys, etc.

Getting to know some of our brands :::

KIDBOO (product of Türkiye) 

Norouzi Trading Group is the exclusive representative of EFO Trading Group (EVLIYAOGLU) in Iran. EFO textile group is located in the textile heart of Turkey. This company operates in the field of producing children's products, home textiles, fabrics, hat felt, towels, etc. in a space of 17000 square meters.
This group has produced the best sleeping products, all kinds of blankets and towels, as well as wooden beds and wardrobes under the brands KIDBOO and MAX SOFT HOME. These brands are the biggest and most well-known brands in Turkey, which are among the first choices of mothers in dozens of European and American countries.
The KIDBOO brand belongs to the top products of this holding and is made of linens with a texture density of 63 (the highest texture density of linen fabric) and 100% cotton, which is in a privileged position among all types of imported sleep products.

MINIK OI OI (Turkish product)
Our company's goal is to provide innovative and functional products, and we always prioritize safety and quality. Our products are tested in globally accredited independent facilities against any harmful chemicals and physical/mechanical safety. 
All our products are tested and approved for EU standards. Minikoioi products do not contain substances harmful to human health. No Bpa, no PVC, no phthalates, lead and heavy metals. In addition, we conduct specific tests for each product group as follows.
Minikoioi Sleep Buddy, Toothee, Cactus, Klips and Pulps carry the CE mark, which indicates compliance with EU safety standards.
Minikoioi Sleep Buddy has been tested for flammability and certified according to the European standard for the safety of toys (EN71-2: 2011+A1: 201).
The Minikoioi Sleep Buddy features a 100% latex-free silicone pacifier that is safe for babies/toddlers with latex allergies.
Minikoioi Flexi-Bib has been tested for heavy metals that are released when the material reacts with saliva. (And why do we need this test? Because babies love to suck and chew on our silicone teether because it soothes their sensitive gums because it has a soft texture that feels just like a teether!)

Bebekevi (made in Türkiye)
  Started its business in 2006, since its establishment it continues to grow rapidly by adding new products to its structure every day. Our wholesale store continues its production activities in a closed area of 2000 square meters in Bursa, Turkey, and at the same time, the children's department center has started its activity.
As a product range, it appeals to the 0-6 year old baby and mother/baby group. Such as baby aprons, bathing suit sets, towel sets, baby plastic products, baby safety products, mother/baby sets.
  Bebekevi products, produced in accordance with the standards set by the Turkish Ministry of Health, prioritize children's health. We conduct health compliance tests for each of our products in a laboratory approved by the Ministry.
This brand has extensive trade with Russia, Belarus, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Algeria. All rights of Bebekevi, Babydo, Papuçevi, and Babyhome brands and products are reserved.

Kikkaboo (joint product of Spain and Bulgaria)
is a young and rapidly developing brand for baby products founded in 2016. In a short time, the brand gained popularity both in Bulgaria and in a number of foreign markets. Currently, Kikkaboo has been successfully operating in more than 30 markets around the world for several years of teamwork. We have also been able to develop a branch in Spain and expand its distribution and development in different countries of the world.
The name Kikkaboo was born from the popular children's game "peek-a-boo".
Our main slogan "TO BABY WITH LOVE", fully corresponds to our attention and passion in the production of each product - from the smallest details to the goodbye smile we give to our customers!
Some of our textile products are produced in our production facilities in Plovdiv (Bulgaria).
Currently, this group is the exclusive representative of the products and services of Kikkaboo Factories in Iran.